Wednesday, 31 March 2010

火锅Hot pot——Chinese fondue 南京一尊黄牛

It's the lunch time at my favourite hotpot restaurant in Nanjing. -----一尊黄牛 It's a very good Chinese modern hotpot restaurant. There are various food to choose from,different kinds of  beef , mutton , shrimp, seafood , fish, mealballs, tofu, vegetables,soy sauces, drinks, ice-cream and staple food. Personally, I like sliced mutton and eggs. Here are some photos.
一尊羔羊肉 mutton slices

                                                  一尊羊小肋 another kind of  mutton slices
                                                               庄园肥牛fat beef slices
奶浸羊肉 milk with saddle of mutton
茼蒿   tong hao( kikuna 菊菜)     金针菇  mushroom      
(in bowl)  tofu, sour cabbage , glass noodles,kelp
                                                                 豆腐皮fresh tofu sheets
生蚝 oyster
                                                                      牛百叶      ox tripe
鸭血 duck blood curd

kelp rolls
                                                          火锅 hot pot (it isn't spicy)
调料 海鲜酱hoisin sauce,seafood sauce
hot pot is really yummy, taste it!

Monday, 29 March 2010


last night,my mother and I went to theater to watch a modern drama,called 'high-speed time高速时代'. The story is about four young people's life and work, love and hope,and they dedicate their lives to the development of high-speed trains. I was supposed that this theme maybe boring,but in fact it was interesting.The performance was natural and vivid. So I renewed the confidence about Chinese drama in its future development. It is particularly worth mentioning that the two main characters are my alumna and alumni,now they are the actors of Nanjing repertory theatre. I'm proud of them.^^



Saturday, 13 February 2010

My aunt's wedding

The wedding was on a snow day.
February 11 was a very sweet day. My aunt married my new uncle. Maybe you can't believe,she is already more than 60 years old and had twice marriages before. But they were all failed. So in a very long time,she is single. Even though she looks after her granddaughter, I think my aunt must be very lonely. This time she find the true love, she looks very very happy~~my new uncle is very good man, he is genuine and friendly. He has two children. Thay're also friendly to my aunt. That's improtant!
my aunt and uncle (right)
the new camera is good,ha~
my niece ,sooooo cute
do you like fish?
my lovely grandparents.

Friday, 1 January 2010



Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The first snow in Nanjing

There was a heavy snow in Nanjing two days ago, the temperatures fell below freezing point, and it was ice filmed on the ground, so I went to school by bus these days... yesterday afternoon, I went to the park to play and shot photos ~
              this dog was very pitiful